How To Make Marinara Sauce

Purpose: to teach a something in less than 5 minutes with my iPhone.

Behind the scenes: This down and dirty assignment merged my analog and digital skills. After years working as a freelance lettering artist I returned to school to learn digital design and multimedia presentation. I wanted to learn what designers are using to craft current designs and experiences. For this project I linked the video to a background through HTML and CSS and posted it to my website.

Illustrated Recipe & Video

CSS and JQuery Animation

Purpose: to learn and develop coding skills.

Behind the scene: Each web page uses a JQuery plugin or CSS keyframes to animate the work. All images are links to the actual functioning web page.

Coder/Illustrator: Alex Savakis; Professor: Laurie Burruss

Interactive Map
Vintage Signs Of Hollywood Boulevard

Animated illustration
CSS Keyframe Animation

Recipe Carousel
Carousel of Ingredients