Presentation Design

Grimm Family Education Foundation

Purpose: to highlight the accomplishments and successes of the Grimm Family Education Foundation in an effort to secure funding.

Statistics and photos of the students illustrated the work and impact of Grimmway Schools on the population in California’s Central Valley.

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Art Director/Designer: Alex Savakis

EH Communications

Purpose: to design a template so the speaker could to add and edit content.

Erika Heald was a featured speaker at the annual International Content Marketing World conference in Cleveland, OH. For key points in her presentation deck we worked to create animated GIFs based on her interest in vintage signage. Since her talk was under development during the design phase Erika would need the ability to add and edit the content in the deck.

Designer/Illustrator: Alex Savakis; Client: Erika Heald

Presenting Dr. Noel Bairey Merz

Purpose: to create a visual interpretation of my research and interaction with Dr. Merz, cardiologist, with a focus on heart disease in women

Redbooth E-Book

User Adoption Guide

Purpose: to explain its services and facilitate ‘onboarding’ of new users and customers to Redbooth, a communication platform.

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User Adoption Guide