Illustration / Lettering

Orange titles denote links to blog posts with details about the work.

Book Project Concord California (In Progress)

Purpose: to create a book to celebrate the people and commemorate the city of Concord, California, for its 150th anniversary. If you live in Concord I want to talk to you. Send a message through my ‘contacts’ page.


Portraits of Pioneers

Purpose: to recognize the political and cultural influences and contributions of African-American women.



Kitchen Quotes and Proverbs

Purpose: Created for my Etsy shop, these hand lettered quotes and proverbs were intended to decorate a kitchen or dining space.

Thanksgiving Proverbs and Quotes

Purpose: Designed to serve as placemats for the Thanksgiving table.

Halloween Masks

Purpose: to challenge my skills with faces and celebrate Halloween.

Backstory: The masks I drew were based on research of ceremonial masks from ancient Eastern and Western cultures. Masks create community around religious traditions and social customs. Intricate motifs of ancient masks are easily interpreted for modern life. They make graphic interpretations look cool too.