Produce: to produce illustrated portraits of myself for my social media profile. A personal project I produced during the month of November.

The backstory: Updating a social media profile image is plain vanity. It is. Really. Come on, you know it is. Instead of looking through a seemingly endless stream of pictures to find that one image where I look “amazing” I decided to draw myself looking…I don’t know, looking. Vain? Yep. To start I took a selfie then drew it with pencil on paper. After a couple of days of pencil sketches I switched to digitally rendering my mug. In the past 3 or 4 years I grew accustomed to drawing on my iPad with an Apple Pencil and an app, ProCreate. I played with facial expressions then added details that reflected the day, an occasion, or my mood. I added a mask the day the smoke from the fires in wine country traveled to the Bay Area. I “wore” a cornucopia hat for Thanksgiving, a birthday hat for my birthday, and donned drag after watching “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” I kept one illustration as my profile image, red clown nose. Social media should be a place for fun, socializing, and, dare I say, experimenting.

The Power of Lincoln

Power Of Lincoln thumbnail

Purpose: to encourage contributions to local food banks by illustrating the buying power of a cash donation.

Behind the scenes: A friend who volunteers at a local food bank told me that cash is the better way to support a food bank. The organization has greater purchasing power than the average consumer. After I illustrated this piece on my iPad with ProCreate and animated it with Flip-o-gram I posted it to Instagram. I don’t the result of my effort. I hope it encourages someone to help their local food bank.

Consequences of my actions

Purpose: through words and likeness illustrate the Olympians who received little fanfare and attention.

Above, click a thumbnail to view whole image with caption

Illustrator: Alex Savakis. Created on an iPad Pro with the ProCreate app and Apple Pencil.

Behind the scenes: while I was drawing on my iPad my TV was tuned to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. I heard the TV announcer say, “What gravity?”, in reference to a comment by Mutaz Essa Barshin. Mr. Barshim participated in the high jump. He was the first person to bring home a silver medal for his country, Qatar.

I imagined the elation Mr. Barshim felt as he cleared the high jump bar. I posted the piece to Instagram and Twitter. Two days later it was picked up by an online magazine from Doha, Qatar, who retweeted it.

Hidilyn Diaz was the first female to win a medal for her country, the Philippines. She took home the bronze medal for her weightlifting class. Two weeks after I posted my illustration she was tagged by a friend in the comments section of my Instagram post. The athlete responded. I was thrilled by her comment.

Digital Newsletters


Purpose: to format and redesign email templates for KCETLinks’s site editors who prepare content for weekly delivery.

We implemented formatted templates and styled them to suit the design guidelines for individual KCETLink shows and verticals. The templatized newsletters eased the burden of production for the side editors. Every week KCETLink distributes digital newsletters to thousands of subscribers in Greater Los Angeles and beyond.

Designer: Alex Savakis; Front End Developer: Melissa DeMund; Art Directors: Justin Cram and Bijan Rezvani

Crime Watch Daily

Purpose: to build television and streaming viewership and encourage users to delve into the show’s web and social media content.

Crime Watch Daily is a nationally syndicated daily television program.

Designer: Alex Savakis; Art Director: Yvonne Lau; Producer: Owen Michael