The Power of Lincoln

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Purpose: to encourage contributions to local food banks by illustrating the buying power of a cash donation.

Behind the scenes: A friend who volunteers at a local food bank told me that cash is the better way to support a food bank. The organization has greater purchasing power than the average consumer. After I illustrated this piece on my iPad with ProCreate and animated it with Flip-o-gram I posted it to Instagram. I don’t the result of my effort. I hope it encourages someone to help their local food bank.

Interactive Fact Graphic

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Purpose: experiment with animation.

According to an article in Men’s Health magazine sawdust is an ingredient in 31 foods. Sawdust is cellulose and is used as a source of fiber. Do we need more fiber in our diets? Apparently we do. The food processors don’t want to lose profits to whole, nutritious foods because they spend countless dollars to create foods that are just short of satisfying your tastebuds. Add cellulose to a product. It’s like vegetables and fruits.

Created on my iPad Pro with Procreate and the Apple Pencil. Animated through Photoshop.


How To Make Marinara Sauce

Purpose: to teach a something in less than 5 minutes with my iPhone.

Behind the scenes: This down and dirty assignment merged my analog and digital skills. After years working as a freelance lettering artist I returned to school to learn digital design and multimedia presentation. I wanted to learn what designers are using to craft current designs and experiences. For this project I linked the video to a background through HTML and CSS and posted it to my website.

Illustrated Recipe & Video

CSS and JQuery Animation

Purpose: to learn and develop coding skills.

Behind the scene: Each web page uses a JQuery plugin or CSS keyframes to animate the work. All images are links to the actual functioning web page.

Coder/Illustrator: Alex Savakis; Professor: Laurie Burruss

Interactive Map
Vintage Signs Of Hollywood Boulevard
Animated illustration
CSS Keyframe Animation
Recipe Carousel
Carousel of Ingredients