interactive design

Fact graphic: for a better you, coffee or tea?

Purpose: to learn Sketch and Principle by creating animated graphic. This graphic is posted on the Principle site as an example of what is possible through Principle. The template is free and available to download.

Illustrator/Designer: Alex Savakis. Drawn in Illustrator, constructed in Sketch, and animated in Principle.



Animation And Interactive Designs

Purpose: to learn and develop new coding skills after a job layoff.

Each web page uses a JQuery plugin or CSS keyframes to animate the work. All thumbnail images are links to the actual functioning web page.

Illustrator/Designer: Alex Savakis

Supply Sergeant
Interactive map of a small section of Hollywood Boulevard.


Animated illustration
Animation through HTML, CSS and a JQuery plugin.


Marquee transition
Conveying size and scale of a tile wall through a photographic slide show


Video shot with an iPhone and edited through iMovie
Marinara Sauce Video And Recipe