Social Media Graphics

Crime Watch Daily

Purpose: to maintain user engagement through social media with relevant content based on the show’s premise – true crime.

Crime Watch Daily shared content from historical trivia to statistics along with teasers and promos of televised stories through its social media channels, mainly Facebook and Twitter. While new stories were under development this content was designed to engage with users who followed Crime Watch Daily on social media.

Crime Watch Daily is a nationally syndicated daily television program.

Researcher/Designer: Alex Savakis; Social Media Editor: Jennifer Madison


The Ellen Show

Purpose: to maintain engagement with its core user audience through social media with helpful and humorous content.

The Ellen Show is a nationally syndicated daily television program.

Designer: Alex Savakis; Producer: The Ellen Show


Lettering Guy blog

Purpose: to promote interviews of lettering artists and calligraphers for an audience of lettering artists and enthusiasts.

The blog, Lettering Guy, is my passion project. I post interviews with lettering artists and calligraphers from all corners of the world. The graphics, which I design and produce, promote the latest interviews posted on the Lettering Guy blog.

Publisher/Designer: Alex Savakis