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Consequences of my actions

While I was drawing on my iPad I had the TV on. It was tuned to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. I heard a TV announcer quote an athlete, Mutaz Essa Barshin from Qatar. Mr. Barshim participated in the high jump. He said, “What gravity?” after he completed the event. His quote resonated with me.

I imagined the elation Mr. Barshim felt as he cleared the high jump bar. I illustrated the Olympian in action and included his quote. I posted the piece to Instagram and Twitter. Two days later it was picked up by an online magazine from Doha, Qatar, who retweeted it. Below is the response to the illustration. I learned later Mr. Barshim was the first person to bring home a silver medal for his country, Qatar.
hidilyn-diazHidilyn Diaz was the first female to win a medal for her country, the Philippines. She took home the bronze medal for her weightlifting class. Two weeks after I posted my illustration of Ms. Diaz in action she was tagged by a friend in the comments section of my Instagram post. The athlete responded. I was thrilled by her comment.


Fact graphic: 9 foods with sawdust as an ingredient

I read that sawdust is an ingredient in 31 foods. Sawdust is cellulose and is used as a source of fiber. Do we need more fiber in our diets? Apparently we do. The food processors don’t want to lose profits to whole, nutritious foods because they spend countless dollars to create foods that are just short of satisfying your tastebuds. Add cellulose to a product. It’s like vegetables and fruits.

Created on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. Animated through Photoshop.