Hand lettering challenge

Lauren Hom, a talented and popular lettering artist, shared hand lettering work recently. The work came from the subscribers to her digital newsletter, Hom Sweet Hom. She distributes a weekly newsletter with a design or project brief. I decided to subscribe because I wanted to recharge and challenge my hand lettering skills. Below, recent samples of the work I created and produced based from the newsletter. My work and the work of subscribers is available on Instagram through #homwork.

Purpose: to keep my lettering skills sharp and to have some creative fun.

The 2018 winter #olympics was the inspiration for #valentinesday #homwork from @homsweethom 
Now that’s love, maybe.

It’s zesty and addicting, and it reminds me of dad. He loved this. Spread love? Make eye contact with a passing stranger then smile, but keep moving otherwise you’ll come across creepy. #homwork
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