Hand lettering challenge

Lauren Hom, a talented and popular lettering artist, shared hand lettering work recently. The work came from the subscribers to her digital newsletter, Hom Sweet Hom. She distributes a weekly newsletter with a design or project brief. I decided to subscribe because I wanted to recharge and challenge my hand lettering skills. Below, recent samples of the work I created and produced based from the newsletter. My work and the work of subscribers is available on Instagram through #homwork.

Purpose: to keep my lettering skills sharp and to have some creative fun.

The 2018 winter #olympics was the inspiration for #valentinesday #homwork from @homsweethom 
Now that’s love, maybe.

It’s zesty and addicting, and it reminds me of dad. He loved this. Spread love? Make eye contact with a passing stranger then smile, but keep moving otherwise you’ll come across creepy. #homwork
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My Concord map

Purpose: to illustrate my experience as a relatively new resident of Concord, CA. I posted the piece to Instagram and tagged the accounts within Concord. My hope was encourage a dialogue between city residents and myself. My goal is update this map periodically. Full map posted below IG post.

Behind the scenes (bottom of post): I started with a pencil sketch. After I photographed it I brought into ProCreate on my iPad Pro. With my Apple Pencil I refined and rendered it in color and added the hand lettering.

Full Map of ‘My Concord’ map, below

Map of Concord California

Pencil sketch of map

Pencil Sketch

The Power of Lincoln

Purpose: to encourage contributions to local food banks by illustrating the buying power of a cash donation.

Behind the scenes: A friend who volunteers at a local food bank told me that cash is the better way to support a food bank. The organization has greater purchasing power than the average consumer. After I illustrated this piece on my iPad with ProCreate and animated it with Flip-o-gram I posted it to Instagram. I don’t the result of my effort. I hope it encourages someone to help their local food bank.

Consequences of my actions

Purpose: through words and likeness illustrate the Olympians who received little fanfare and attention.

Illustrator: Alex Savakis. Created on an iPad Pro with the ProCreate app and Apple Pencil.

While I was drawing on my iPad my TV was tuned to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. I heard the TV announcer say, “What gravity?”, in reference to a comment by Mutaz Essa Barshin. Mr. Barshim participated in the high jump. He was the first person to bring home a silver medal for his country, Qatar.

I imagined the elation Mr. Barshim felt as he cleared the high jump bar. I posted the piece to Instagram and Twitter. Two days later it was picked up by an online magazine from Doha, Qatar, who retweeted it.

Hidilyn Diaz was the first female to win a medal for her country, the Philippines. She took home the bronze medal for her weightlifting class. Two weeks after I posted my illustration she was tagged by a friend in the comments section of my Instagram post. The athlete responded. I was thrilled by her comment.

Fact graphic: 9 foods with sawdust as an ingredient

Purpose: experiment with animation.

Illustrator/Animator: Alex Savakis. Created on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. Animated through Photoshop.

According to an article in Men’s Health magazine sawdust is an ingredient in 31 foods. Sawdust is cellulose and is used as a source of fiber. Do we need more fiber in our diets? Apparently we do. The food processors don’t want to lose profits to whole, nutritious foods because they spend countless dollars to create foods that are just short of satisfying your tastebuds. Add cellulose to a product. It’s like vegetables and fruits.

Source: http://www.menshealth.com/nutrition/foods-that-contain-sawdust

Fact graphic: for a better you, coffee or tea?

Purpose: to learn Sketch and Principle by creating animated graphic. This graphic is posted on the Principle site as an example of what is possible through Principle. The template is free and available to download.

Illustrator/Designer: Alex Savakis. Drawn in Illustrator, constructed in Sketch, and animated in Principle.


Source: http://www.menshealth.com/nutrition/the-face-off-coffee-vs-tea

Animation And Interactive Designs

Purpose: to learn and develop new coding skills after a job layoff.

Each web page uses a JQuery plugin or CSS keyframes to animate the work. All thumbnail images are links to the actual functioning web page.

Illustrator/Designer: Alex Savakis

Supply Sergeant
Interactive map of a small section of Hollywood Boulevard.


Animated illustration
Animation through HTML, CSS and a JQuery plugin.


Marquee transition
Conveying size and scale of a tile wall through a photographic slide show


Video shot with an iPhone and edited through iMovie
Marinara Sauce Video And Recipe