Concord map

Halloween Masks

Halloween Masks

Purpose: to challenge my skills with faces and celebrate Halloween.

Backstory: The masks I drew were based on research of ceremonial masks from ancient Eastern and Western cultures. Masks create community around religious traditions and social customs. Intricate motifs of ancient masks are easily interpreted for modern life. They make graphic interpretations look cool too.


Produce: to produce illustrated portraits of myself for my social media profile. A personal project I produced during the month of November.

The backstory: Updating a social media profile image is plain vanity. It is. Really. Come on, you know it is. Instead of looking through a seemingly endless stream of pictures to find that one image where I look “amazing” I decided to draw myself looking…I don’t know, looking. Vain? Yep. To start I took a selfie then drew it with pencil on paper. After a couple of days of pencil sketches I switched to digitally rendering my mug. In the past 3 or 4 years I grew accustomed to drawing on my iPad with an Apple Pencil and an app, ProCreate. I played with facial expressions then added details that reflected the day, an occasion, or my mood. I added a mask the day the smoke from the fires in wine country traveled to the Bay Area. I “wore” a cornucopia hat for Thanksgiving, a birthday hat for my birthday, and donned drag after watching “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” I kept one illustration as my profile image, red clown nose. Social media should be a place for fun, socializing, and, dare I say, experimenting.

My Concord map

Concord Map thumbnail

Purpose: to illustrate my experience as a relatively new resident of Concord, CA. I posted the piece to Instagram and tagged the accounts within Concord. My hope was encourage a dialogue between city residents and myself. My goal is update this map periodically. Full map posted below IG post.

Behind the scenes (bottom of post): I started with a pencil sketch. After I photographed it I brought into ProCreate on my iPad Pro. With my Apple Pencil I refined and rendered it in color and added the hand lettering.

Finished Map and Pencil Rough of ‘My Concord’ map

The Power of Lincoln

Power Of Lincoln thumbnail

Purpose: to encourage contributions to local food banks by illustrating the buying power of a cash donation.

Behind the scenes: A friend who volunteers at a local food bank told me that cash is the better way to support a food bank. The organization has greater purchasing power than the average consumer. After I illustrated this piece on my iPad with ProCreate and animated it with Flip-o-gram I posted it to Instagram. I don’t the result of my effort. I hope it encourages someone to help their local food bank.

Case Study – Warren Ohio 100 Project

Purpose: to develop my painting skills with an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the Procreate app.

Behind the scene: The consequence was I was paid to do it. Here’s how it happened.

The 100 Day project kicked off, Tuesday, April 19, 2016. According to Elle Luna, the founding organizer, the 100 day project is “a celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making…it’s not about fetishizing finished products—it’s about the process.”

My theme for the 2016 100 Day project was prompted by a friend who was sharing his photos of buildings. I decided to illustrate buildings, dwellings, and objects from my hometown of Warren, OH. Armed with an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, the ProCreate app and the internet I would ‘visit’ Warren.

I participated in the inaugural 100 Day project in 2015. I hand lettered approximately 150 names of family and friends which I offered to all the people whose names I lettered. During the process I discovered that I like to make unconventional letters.

I would illustrate familiar and unfamiliar places to learn the process of painting.

Above, click a thumbnail to view whole image with caption

Through Instagram I posted and shared my first building with family, friends, and arts and non-profit organizations in Warren. I asked for subjects to paint. After I posted the third piece I was contacted by a local non-profit organization who wanted to know about the project. In late summer I was invited to exhibit in a group show. As that show was underway I was asked if I was interested in a solo gallery exhibit.

As of this post I painted 54 subjects. The illustrations are appreciated for memories the subjects elicit.

I opened an online shop and discovered an untapped market. The residents of Warren are proud of the city’s history and legacy. Consider what came from Warren, Ohio – Halsey Taylor Drinking Fountains, Packard Motor CarsNational American Woman Suffrage Associationfirst city in the nation with all electric street lights, and Clarence A. Crane, inventor of LifeSavers candy.

I continue to sell art prints and consumer products of the subjects I paint.

Update: The day I landed in Ohio the local newspaper contacted me for an interview. Here’s the link to the story the Tribune Chronicle, Warren, OH. The opening was fun! I reconnected with friends and family and met admirers.

Thank you, Warren, Trumbull Art Gallery, Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership and Bill Mullane!