Nest is the topic

From the blog, “Illustration Friday is a weekly art challenge that is super fun and inspiring!” Every Friday the blog, Illustration Friday, posts a new topic. Illustrators and anyone with a knack or a need to draw submit an illustrated piece based on the topic. This week’s topic is ‘Nest’. Instead of a literal translation of bird’s nest –

  • a structure or place made or chosen by a bird for laying eggs and sheltering its young

I decided to use the other definition of nest.

Nest, noun

  • a set of similar objects of graduated sizes, made so that each smaller one fits into the next in size for storage.

The nested bowls are a symbolic nest for eggs collected from the chicken coop by the farmer. The chicken on the bowl is a symbol of a chicken attending to her nest and a decorative element like those painted on vintage and contemporary nested bowls. I painted this piece on my iPad Pro with the Procreate app and the Apple Pencil.

Below, my submission for the topic ‘Nest’.

Nested Bowls with chicken
My submission to Illustration Friday. The topic this week is ‘Nest’.