Consequences of my actions

During the broadcast of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games my attention was split between the TV and my iPad.

While I was drawing something on my iPad I heard a TV announcer quote one of the athletes who participated in the high jump. The quote was, “What gravity?” That quote resonated with me. I imagined the elation the athlete felt as he cleared the bar. I looked online for a picture of the athlete in action. I illustrated the athlete, included his quote, his name and the medal he won. I posted the piece to social media. Two days later it was picked up by an online magazine from Doha who retweeted it. Below is the response to the illustration. I learned later the athlete was to first person to bring home a Silver medal for his country, Qatar.


Another athlete I illustrated was the first female to win a medal for her country, the Philippines. She took home the bronze medal for her weightlifting class. Two weeks after the Rio Games the athlete was tagged by a friend in the comments section of the post. The athlete responded.


I was thrilled by the interaction for both illustrations. I like to think my work told their stories and the illustrations resonated with an audience outside my circle of friends.


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